Aging and Obsolescence Management

Aging and Obsolescence Management

Aging of equipment and the subsequent challenges presented by obsolescence of critical items on a nuclear facility need to be proactively managed to main safe and reliable plant operation. Ultra has developed processes and approaches to managing aging and obsolescence that can be tailored to meet individual customer needs. We supply this expertise to support the development of a sites own processes or can provide a targeted solution  built on our established methodologies. Whether adopting an approach based on quantified risk (ROAM), or on proactive replacement, the first critical step is to establish the system and equipment portfolio to be managed and the technology in use.


Ultra works with our client to establish an approach that is right for them and their business. Ranging from simple spares or repair support to a complete strategy for the management of systems and equipment.  A strategy considering regulatory requirements is developed that considers regulatory requirements, operational drivers, capabilities and plant condition and identified actions in process development, training and equipment supportability.


The risk that aging and obsolescence brings means that nuclear facilities need to put in place definitive approaches to: The cataloguing and management of the assets that are critical to safe and reliable operation. The awareness and training of responsible personal. The assessment and recovery criteria for individual plant items.


Identification of assets to be supported, capturing the key information required to support the asset including: Original supply information, condition, historical performance, loss of service impact assessment, supportability data and maintenance plan.


The technology in use will have a direct impact on the supportability of the equipment. Ultra can support sustainment and recovery actions for all type of electronic equipment in both the areas of hardware and software and across the many different implementations.

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