Spares and Repairs

Spares and Repairs

The availability of spare parts and the capability to use them is critical to maintaining safe and reliable operation of any facility. Ultra supports the maintenance of front line spares used for site maintenance activity by, holding component and sub assembly spares and by the repairing equipment in specialist off site facilities


Using a combination of our in depth knowledge of the electronic component market and of your equipment condition and performance, we are able to minimize the risk of obsolescence impacting on the operation of your equipment. This is achieved through a combination of activities that focus on the equipment and the electronics market and includes: identification of critical components, monitoring equipment performance and looking for trends, monitoring the supply chain for parts availability, and procuring and holding critical spares when appropriate.


Working with our clients we develop storage plan that meet their need and ensure parts will be maintained in good condition. As appropriate we can develop customer site solutions or use our established processes and facilities to manage inventory and condition monitor parts that are stored within our facilities. Facilities that include purpose built environmental controlled & continuously monitored storage that is available on multiple sites.


Ultra support forward procurement and storage programs for key customers where the potential impacts of obsolescence or the loss of an at risk supplier for critical or expensive to replace components will have a significant impact on safe and reliable operation.


Ultra’s team of highly skilled engineers and technicians have access to industry standard test and diagnostic equipment and experience in fault diagnosis and repair of all types of electronic technologies that are in common use in nuclear facilities. The team understand the nuclear pledge and the importance of using the correct parts, from known credible sources.


Ultra has established equipment and component assessment processes to ensure alternative parts will not have an impact on the equipment design and performance.

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