Ultra Energy manufactures a wide range of both drilled and flanged thermowells. These can be used to protect your RTD or thermocouple from the corrosive fluids, high pressures and high flow velocities that are often present in temperature measurement applications.

Ultra’s drilled thermowells are typically manufactured from single piece bar-stock without welds. Our flanged thermowells generally have their stems produced from single piece bar-stock, with the flanges either electron beam or laser welded onto the stem. Both styles are available in multiple physical configurations, in a wide variety of materials, and with a choice of bore sizes and mounting threads and flange sizes.

Ultra’s thermowells can be supplied as either separate components or as a part of a complete temperature sensor assembly.

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Model Description
S & H Standard and heavy duty threaded
SL & HL Standard and heavy duty lagging extension threaded
F & FH Flanged and tapered flanged
W & WH Socket weld
Weld-In Weld-In
San Sanitary
P, PB, PF Protection tubes
V Van stone
Other Other