Supply Chain

A critical competence of any Contract Electronics Manufacturer is the Supply Chain for goods and services that support the production effort. Quality, Cost and Delivery are the three key tenets of any successful Supply Chain.


Quality is at the heart of everything that we do. We are proud of our extensive range of Accreditations and maintenance of these is dependent on having a suitably qualified and engaged supply chain.

All our suppliers are subject to a rigorous approval process that seeks assurance through internationally recognized Accreditations (ISO, NADCAP, AS) as well as individual approvals from leaders within their respective industries (Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Nuclear). Smaller suppliers that may not hold such approvals are risk assessed to ensure that their scope of supply is within their capability.

Procurement of material is predominantly direct with OEMs or through approved Franchised Sources. Where such sources are not available we adopt internationally recognized processes to mitigate the risks of counterfeit products.


We understand that cost is a key driver in today’s global market. We utilize our market knowledge, professionalism and commercial acumen to deliver the best possible cost that does not compromise the required quality for any of our valued customers.


We work with our suppliers to ensure that material is delivered in time to support our customers’ requirements. We all know that this can be challenging on occasion which is why we implement a variety measures to overcome these challenges;

  • Buffer Stocks
  • Forward provision to forecast demands
  • Customer managed inventory
  • Aggregation of demand across customer requirements
  • Detailed order book management and scheduling
  • Supplier relationship management and continuous improvement activity