Independent Confidence Building Measures

Ultra Energy offers a full suite of ICBM services including:

  • Class 1 protection system statistical testing.
  • Class 2 y systems code walkthrough.
  • Start devices selection of instrument for ‘Class of Operation’ including.
  • Emphasis assessment, manufacture questionnaire assessment, and report, comprehensive independent test/equipment qualification (e.g. LOCA, seismic assessment, EMC, environmental, etc.).
  • Third-party test review (including manufacturer co-operation, gap analysis, traceability, toolchain/COTS analysis).
  • Assessment of prior use.
  • Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA).
  • Source code static analysis and dynamic analysis.
  • Independent verification and validation (V&V).
  • Gamma, neutron, and x-ray facilities are available for instrument and system testing.

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