Radiation Testing

In 2014, Ultra Electronics, Energy embarked on a project to build a modern manufacturing and test facility for supplying neutron flux detectors. These sensors are installed around the periphery of a nuclear core to provide critical condition information.

A key requirement of the new facility was a source of neutrons to prove performance of the devices. Due to all the test reactors in the UK being shut down Ultra Electronics, Energy engaged with a US company to adapt one of their experimental devices and after an intense 14 months of development the neutron generator successfully completed and installed.

A further requirement of the test facility was an ability to expose our radiation sensors to significant gamma fluxes. This has been achieved using a range of four traditional gamma sources to provide a wide range together with a 3D computer controlled mechanical handling system for the sample under test. The sources are housed in a shielded container inside a radiation test cell which allows controlled access prior to test to ensure the equipment under test is set-up correctly.