Sensor Services

Sensor Services Overview

We offer a variety of services to match your team’s sensor purchasing needs and preferences.

Sensor Engineer-to-Order Service
  • Minimize project risk and gain full access to our sensor development capabilities
  • Ideal for when your sensor is critical to safety or the end use application, or when the sensor has not yet been developed or its development pedigree is not known
  • Our ability to support your team is maximized once the sensor is in use
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Sensor Build-to-Print Service
  • Limited to manufacturing, engineering, fabrication and supply chain (Only partial access to our capabilities)
  • Ideal for when your sensor has already been developed
  • Our ability to support your team once the sensor is in use is limited to the requirements on the engineering prints supplied
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Sensor Qualification Service
Custom Supply Chain
  • We can define and implement a custom delivery solution to achieve lowest total sensor acquisition cost with access to our extensive harsh environment sensor supply chain capabilities
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Over 50 years of experience designing, fabricating and delivering industrial sensors that perform in harsh environments and mission-critical applications.  Our engineers are experts in harsh environment sensor and appertinance design, qualification, Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD), and obsolescence/qualified life extension analysis/testing.

Our full range of capabilities include:

  • Industry leading sensor development expertise, methods, tools, equipment and facilities
  • In-house production and supply chain operations that can be prioritized to your needs
  • Experienced cross-disciplinary team that can help you develop innovative sensors and appurtenances optimized for your application
  • Systematic procedures, modern tools and consistent methodologies that will help you capture and analyze your application’s requirements and translate them into an optimized design
  • Extensive global standards and regulatory compliance experience to help your team successfully deliver engineered solutions for complex requirements, harsh environments, and safety critical applications

We would love the opportunity to understand your needs, and how our sensor design services will support your project or application. Contact us today.