Sensor Build-to-Print Service

Build-to-Print Overview (BTP)

Sensors that must perform in harsh environments or perform reliably in critical applications should be thoroughly and carefully developed to ensure the sensor performs as expected. The engineering development effort should result in a bill of materials, fabrication method, manufacturing operations, supply chain, and quality systems that are aligned to meet ongoing production and end-use requirements. In some situations, this engineering development has already been completed, and your team only needs the sensor or some aspect of it to be manufactured and delivered to the specifications on an engineering drawing.  Ultra Energy offers our Sensor Build-to-Print (BTP) Service to reliably manufacture a sensor, sensor component, or sensor-related sub-assembly whose design and development process is already complete.

Our Sensor BTP Service focuses on achieving compliance with the specifications on your engineering drawings and achieving these at the lowest unit cost possible.  We offer over 50 years of experience manufacturing and delivering sensors that must perform in harsh environments.  Our expert team of sensor manufacturing engineers, fabricators, and supply chain managers will review and analyze your engineering drawings.  We will make recommendations and surface any risks we can see, and provide your team with a price quote.  Our sensor manufacturing, delivery, and quality operations can accommodate small batch or large batch fabrication and delivery and item documentation support as required.

Please note you should only use build-to-print if you have validated that your sensor design will perform in its end-use location and operating environment.  A key limitation of build-to-print is our issue resolution responsibilities are limited to the specifications on the engineering drawings provided.  If you are not confident that your sensor design has not been properly validated, and its performance is critical to your product or project, we strongly recommend using our Sensor Engineer-to-Order (ETO) Service where it will be properly developed prior to use.

We are ready to speak with you about the sensor requirements for your application, and how our Sensor BTP Service will improve your project or product.

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