Sensor Engineer-to-Order Service

Engineer-to-Order Overview (ETO)

Sensors that must perform in harsh environments or perform reliably in critical applications should be thoroughly and carefully developed to ensure the sensor performs as expected. Ultra Electronics, Energy is uniquely qualified to design and develop the ideal sensor for your application.

Our Sensor Engineer-to-Order (ETO) Service leverages over 50 years of experience to complete the design-fabrication-test cycles needed to prove a sensor will perform as expected in its end-use environment. This level of service includes our most comprehensive sensor development capabilities including end-use application analysis, engineering analysis, and material selection, regulatory compliance analysis, manufacturing process development, sensor validation, and supply chain set-up.

When you use our Sensor ETO Service to acquire your sensor, your team can have confidence knowing it was developed under a proven sensor engineering development process. The knowledge our team gains completing the sensor development process will also enable us to help you through any issues that may arise in use.

We are ready to speak with you about the sensor requirements for your application, and how our Sensor ETO Service will minimize risk and cost for your project or product.

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