Sensor Qualification Service

Sensor Qualification Overview

We perform end-to-end qualification of sensors to ensure they meet target performance requirements and comply with industry regulatory standards.  With over 50 years of sensor design, manufacturing and testing experience, we have the people, knowledge, facilities, and experience to ensure the successful qualification of your sensor.

Our multi-disciplinary sensor design engineering and project management teams will provide your project with extensive experience defining and completing product qualifications.

Our sensor development facilities integrate engineering, manufacturing, supply chain set up and testing to ensure the sensor design can be manufactured and meet target requirements and standards compliance.

We have a fully-equipped metrology laboratory for calibration and qualification testing.  Accurate, repeatable temperature measurements from -265°C to 1084.5°C, stable to 0.001°C, are possible for special programs.  Routine metrology measurements are conducted with equipment that operates within the stability of +/- 0.02°C.  Strict enforcement of measurement integrity ensures traceability to the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

We are ready to speak with you about the sensor requirements for your application. Let us show you how we can lower the cost and risk of qualifying your sensor.

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