A key requirement of high performance instrumentation systems is the provision of adequate interference immunity. Standard co-axial signal cables and connectors are inadequate in dealing with these problems. From Ultra Electronics, energy extensive experience in military and civil nuclear energy, a range of matching cables and connectors have been developed.

Widely in use throughout the UK’s nuclear industry, these superscreened cables are available in a range of sizes, dielectrics and characteristic impedances. A technique called ‘superscreening’ is used to improve the screening performance at critical frequencies of 1000 to 10000 times that of standard co-axial cables and dramatically improves the surface transfer impedance.


Datasheet – Superscreened Cables
  • Features

■ Reliable transmission of small signals over long distances in electromagnetically noisy environments
■ Available in a range of characteristic impedances and excellent antimicrophonic variants
■ High radiation and temperature tolerance
■ Compliant with low smoke and fume regulations
■ All cables fully tested
■ Available in small or large quantities with matching superscreened connectors
■ Specialist assembly and fitting service available