Ultra offers a wide range of neutron flux detectors designed for use in reactor safety and indication systems. These cover operation from start-up to full power with detectors available to operate in pulse mode (start-up), direct current ion chamber mode (full power) and Campbelling or variance mode (provides wide range cover).

To achieve this coverage, the gas fillings and neutron sensitive coatings of enriched boron or enriched uranium are chosen to meet user requirements. Devices are available in a range of sizes and for differing environments. These range from detectors designed to operate ex-core at temperatures up to 180 ºF (80 ºC) to those designed and certified for operation in-core at temperatures up to 1020 ºF (550 ºC) and at pressures up to 650 psi (50 bar).

Datasheet – Neutron Flux Sensors

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