RTD Sensors for Oil & Gas

RTD sensors

Ultra Energy manufactures an almost infinite variety of RTD sensors and assemblies, and most can be supplied in 48 hours or less.  Options include combinations of different element materials, values and accuracies, a choice of element leadwire configurations, and a selection of sheath materials and diameters.  Many of our RTD assemblies are supplied in drilled or flanged wells, and all assemblies can be supplied with our economical head mount or DIN-rail mounted transmitters.

If you can’t find a catalog RTD for your application, we are ready to help you.  Remember, custom versions can often be fabricated in less than a week!

We are ready to help you select the right product for your application.

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Data sheets

Model (PDF)
101, 102 & 103 General purpose
110 Field cuttable
120 Hand-breakable
201 & 203 RTDs with welded fittings
301 & 304 Spring loaded with explosion proof housing
302 & 303 Spring loaded without transmitter for general purpose housing
305 Spring loaded, 1/2″ NPT hex nipple
312 Spring loaded, 1/2″ NPT hex nipple
3304A Flexible stick-on surface temperature sensor
3332A Embedded temperature sensors for rotating machinery and turbines
Bearing temperature Sensors for the measurement of bearing temperatures
Bayonet fitting design Spring loaded bayonet fitting temperature sensors