Radiation Monitoring for Pharma & Life Science

Counting Systems

Marinelli Beakers

Ultra Marinelli Beakers are fabricated from chemically resistant polypropylene and are available for gamma analysis of a variety of liquid, gas or solid samples.

Use of disposable beakers eliminates the time consuming and error inducing process of evaporating large volumes of liquid samples prior to analysis.

Our Marinelli beakers are advantageous for a number of reasons:

  • Lightweight.
  • Stackable, to minimize storage requirements.
  • Seamless thin-wall construction eliminates leakage and minimizes gamma ray attenuation.

Modular Counting – Euronim 8000 series

The EuroNIM™ Modular 8000 offers a versatile, 19” rack mounted (or desktop) profile accommodating standard LIS Euro card modules for a variety of radiometric counting, monitoring and control applications. The system provides an ideal upgrade for 6000 series users.

Standard configurations include:

  • Single channel counting system
  • Four channel counting system
  • Ten channel counting system

Required detector inputs are external via rear mount plug connection, enabling many remote monitoring locations out on plant to be accommodated by a single central processing unit. Detectors at up to 70m separation can be accommodated, with only a single coax cable interface required in between.

Control of the counting system can either be local to the Euronim or it can interface to other Euronim units in a Master/Slave configuration for expanded system options or indeed connected to a PC or PLC to support bespoke client interface requirements. An example of the latter is a SWAB counting system which interfaced with a clients PLC controlled robotic swabbing unit which initiated the Euronim counting function when the swab sample was presented to the detection station for a go/no go assessment.


  • Ratemeter or scaler counting applications supported
  • Compatible with varying detector types enables wide measurement scope possibilities – Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Neutron
  • The system can also be used for plant control and automatic process shut down protection systems with Functional Safety Envelopes (FSE) at SIL 1 level incorporated
  • Outputs per channel from: 4-20mA loop, Alarm and Fail Digitals
  • Capability for calibrated measurement quantities, engineering units, data log and SMART interfaces – all separate and outside of the declared FSE when these are included in the system configuration ordered
  • Automatic check source and calibration routines
  • The Euronim platform is a direct drop-in replacement for many existing 6000 / 2000 obsolete series equipment. A short visit to your site confirms back plate wiring connections and required operating methodology to achieve true plug and play compatibility

Applications covered include:

  • U235, Cs137, Ru106, I129, I131, Kr85 and other isotope monitoring.
  • Cooling water monitoring.
  • Gamma process monitoring.
  • Laboratory counting systems – Euronim provides central counting engine between multiple sample counters and PC resident measurement and analysis software. Alpha draws, Beta and Gamma counters accommodated

Alpha/Beta Counter – AutoSAS Lung Dosimetry System

‘Protecting the worker – safeguarding the employer’

The AutoSAS is a ten detector automatic counting system suitable for personal air sample (PAS) and static air sample (SAS) cards. With a capacity of 200 samples in a single loading, the system has an extremely high throughput potential.

Available as a complete software/hardware package using barcode technology to control the generation, issue and counting of samples, the AutoSAS is used in many nuclear facilities to assist in compiling worker lung dose records. A barcode label applicator is also available with the system to offer complete sample control.


  • Multi-detector Personal Air Sample (PAS) and Static Air Sample (SAS) counter
  • Combined alpha/beta counter or alpha counter versions available
  • Semiconductor or ZnS/Scintillator measurement technology
  • Optional radon/thoron compensation