Base Metal Bare Thermocouples.  Termination is Bare Strip.  Twisted & Welded Junction is Standard, Butt Welded Optional.  Available in Type K, N, J and 8, 14, 20 Gauge are standard Sizes.  Other Types and Gauges available upon request.




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Name Description
Model Number 1-Gauge-Type, ie 108K.
Wire Gauge 8, 14, & 20 Gauge are Standard, Others available upon Request
Junction Twisted & Welded (Std), Butt Welded
ANSI Calibration K, J, N
Accuracy Standard Limits of Error ie K, N, J, Special Limits of error KSL, NSL, JSL
Number of Circuits 1
Termination Bare Strip 2" (Std)
Terminal Block Single, Dual
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