27X-Insulated Noble Metal Element w-Collar

High Temperature Noble Metal Thermocouples. Elements are provided to match the ITS 1990 curve.  24 ga. (0.020″) wire is standard – other gauges are available.  Insulators are made of Alumina, Mullite, or Hafnia ceramics.  Termination can be Bare Strip, Color Coded Sleeving, Fishspine insulators, Copper Sleeves.  Porcelain Collar installed for Vertical Applications.




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Name Description
Model Number 273R, 275RR, 272S, 272SS, 275B, 275BB, 277C, 277CC
Sensor Type High Temperature Noble Metal
Insulator Material Alumina (A), Mullite (M), Hafnia (H)
Insulator Diameter 3/16" (Std.), 1/8"
ANSI Calibration R, S, B, C
Accuracy Standard Limits of Error, Special Limits of error (Reference Grade)
Number of Circuits 1, 2
Termination Bare Strip (O), Color Coded Sleeves (C), Fishspine Insulators (F), Copper Sleeves
None None
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