2XXY – Base Metal Insulated Element

Base Metal Thermocouples.  Insulators are made of ceramics and they are Oval & Round.  Termination is Bare Strip.  Twisted & Welded Junction is Standard, Butt Welded Optional.  Available in Type K, N, J and 8, 14, 20 Gauge are standard Sizes.  Other Types and Gauges available upon request.




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Name Description
Model Number 2-Gauge-Type, ie 208K.
Wire Gauge 8, 14, & 20 Gauge are Standard, Others available upon Request
Insulator Material Ceramic (Steatite, Corderite, Mullite) Oval & Round Available, 1" & 3" Long
Junction Twisted & Welded (Std), Butt Welded
ANSI Calibration k, J, N
Accuracy Standard Limits of Error ie K, N, J, Special Limits of error KSL, NSL, JSL
Number of Circuits 1,2
Termination Bare Strip 2" (Std), Color Coded Sleeve (Optional)
Terminal Block Single, Dual
Hot Junction Cup HJC
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