596-Noble Metal, Support Casting w-SiC PT

High Temperature Noble Metal Thermocouple Assembly. Elements are provided to match the ITS 1990 curve.  24 ga. (0.020″) wire is standard – other gauges are available.  Insulators & Protection Tubes w-Cemented Hex Nipple and  are made of Alumina, Mullite, Recrystallized Silicon Carbide & Silicon CArbide.  Cast Iron or Aluminum Screw Cover heads are Standard.  Porcelain Collar installed for Vertical Applications.




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Name Description
Model Number 596
Sensor Type High Temperature Noble Metal Assembly
Length 6" Increments - 6" to 48" Max.
ANSI Calibration R, S, B
Accuracy Standard Limits of Error, Special Limits of error (Reference Grade)
Insulator Material Alumina (A), Mullite (M)
Optional Inner Tube 1/4" x 3/8" (Std); (M) Mullite, (A) Alumina, (O) No Inner Tube
Primary Tube 7/16" x 11/16" (Std); (M) Mullite, (A) Alumina
Secondary Tube (M) Mullite, (A) Alumina, (SC) Silicon Carbide, (O) for None
Number of Circuits 1,2
Hex Fitting 1/2" x 3/4"; Steel
Head Material Cast Iron (Std), Aluminum
Optional Split Brass Flange Material=Brass, Optional
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