Fiber Optic Multiplexers

When you have multiple signals to transmit over fiber optic cable, we offer two solutions; one for bi-directional, point-to-point applications, and one for multi-node applications, with built-in self-healing ring functionality. 

MX Multiplexers

The EOTec 2000 MX Multiplexer can send up to sixteen channels of bi-directional electrical information over a pair of fiber optic cable. Input/Output module selections include 4-20mA, 0-10VDC, contact closure and RS-232/485.

Model Description Transceiver Mode Connector Max Distance
MXB-MM2 Multiplexer, Base Unit, 850nm SFP MM LC 2k
MXB-SM15 Multiplexer, Base Unit, 1300nm SFP SM LC 15k
MXB-SM40 Multiplexer, Base Unit, 1300nm SFP SM LC 40k
MXB-SM80 Multiplexer, Base Unit, 1300nm SFP SM LC 80k

Multi-Node MX Multiplexer

The EOTec 2000 Multi-Node MX Multiplexer can manage up to 1024 inputs to an unlimited number of outputs of analog or digital electrical information, over a bi-directional pair of daisy-chain or self-healing ring fiber optic cables.


Model Description Transceiver Mode Connector Max Distance
MXBMN Multi-Node Multiplexer, Base Unit, 1300nm SFP MM / SM LC 80km

100 Mbps SFP Transceivers (MXBMN only):

Model Wavelength Distance Mode
SFP13-100M2K 1310nm 2km MM
SFP13-100M15K 1310nm 15km SM
SFP13-100M40K 1310nm 40km SM
SFP13-100M80K 1310nm 80km SM

Input & Output Modules:

Model Description
MXCC-IP2 Contact Closure in – 2 channels
MXCC-IP4 Contact Closure in – 4 channels
MXCC-OP2 Contact Closure out (Form-C relay) – 2 channels
MXCC-OP4 Contact Closure out (Form-C relay) – 4 channels
MX420-IP2 4-20mA in – 2 channels
MX420-IP4 4-20mA in – 4 channels
MX420-OP2 4-20mA out – 2 channels
MX420-OP4 4-20mA out – 4 channels
MX010-IP2 0-10Vdc in – 2 channels
MX010-IP4 0-10Vdc in – 4 channels
MX010-OP2 0-10Vdc out – 2 channels
MX010-OP4 0-10Vdc out – 4 channels
MXRS-2 RS232/485 – 2 channels
MXRS-4 RS232/485 – 4 channels