Sample Analysis


Alpha/Beta Counter – AutoSAS Lung Dosimetry System

‘Protecting the worker – safeguarding the employer’

The AutoSAS is a ten detector automatic counting system suitable for personal air sample (PAS) and static air sample (SAS) cards. With a capacity of 200 samples in a single loading, the system has an extremely high throughput potential.

Available as a complete software/hardware package using barcode technology to control the generation, issue and counting of samples, the AutoSAS is used in many nuclear facilities to assist in compiling worker lung dose records. A barcode label applicator is also available with the system to offer complete sample control.

Key features:

  • Multi-detector Personal Air Sample (PAS) and Static Air Sample (SAS) counter.
  • Combined alpha/beta counter or alpha counter versions available.
  • Semiconductor or ZnS/Scintillator measurement technology.
  • Optional radon/thoron compensation.

Marinelli Beakers

Ultra Electronics, Energy Marinelli Beakers are fabricated from chemically resistant polypropylene and are available for gamma analysis of a variety of liquid, gas or solid samples.

Use of disposable beakers eliminates the time consuming and error inducing process of evaporating large volumes of liquid samples prior to analysis.

Our Marinelli beakers are advantageous for several reasons:

  • Lightweight.
  • Stackable, to minimize storage requirements.
  • Seamless thin-wall construction eliminates leakage and minimizes gamma ray attenuation.