Interlock, Safety, and Process Monitoring

CMS Process SIL Monitor

The CMS Process SIL is a highly reliable, advanced monitor, that has been designed to be operated during process operations when gamma radiation levels are above a specified level. The CMS Process SIL combines two very important gamma monitoring applications; to provide a highly reliable, inherently safe interlock monitor with the ability to transfer data results via the CMS Gamma.

The unit has the capability of providing interlock or safety integral protection via the SIL Safeguard Monitor (SSM) and the ability to transfer and record event data via the CMS Gamma monitor.


Datasheet – CMS Process SIL Monitor


CMS Interlock SIL Monitor

The CMS Interlock SIL is a gamma monitor designed specifically for interlock applications.

The SSM is a safety related product which provides a risk reduction level, suitable for use in SIL 2 applications. This is a uniquely patented hardware only solution, which provides a high integrity alarm relay contact output, for interface to a broad range of industrial applications.


Datasheet – CMS Interlock SIL Monitor

HC833 Hot-Cell Interlock Monitor

Ideal for PET and other Radiopharmaceutical Departments, the HC833 is a self-contained gamma monitoring station, for use within shielded areas such as hot-cells and glove-boxes.

The HC833 features a large analogue scale to give users an immediate and clear visual indicator of the radiation level within the cell and should radiation levels exceed a preset threshold, additional safety functions such as a door interlock can be activated.

Designed to be mounted in the facia of a hot cell, the HC833 is housed in a stainless steel enclosure for easy cleaning/decontamination

  • For PET and Other radiopharmaceutical departments
  • Sensitive and stable detection
  • Wide measurement range

Datasheet – HC833 Hot Cell Interlock Monitor