Monitoring Radioactive Noble Gases

CMS Noble Gas Monitor

The Ultra Electronics CMS Noble Gas Monitor is an integrated solution for the measurement of the airborne concentration of radioactive (beta emitting) noble gases.

The system is suitable for process, stack and health physics applications. The complete system comprises detector, shielding, pump, flow sensor and CMS processor.

The heart of the system is the BG-10 scintillation detector. Offering unparalleled sensitivity to noble gases, the BG-10 uses a specially designed plastic scintillation sensor mounted in a flow through measurement chamber.

Key points of performance include

  • Excellent MDL resulting from minimal detector response to external sources of gamma.- Low response to NORM such as radon and thoron
  • Available in a fixed or transportable configuration
  • CMS analysis algorithm provides a low stable measurement at background, but ensures a fast response to rising concentration levels
  • Optional gamma dose-rate detector for dynamic gamma background compensation or dose rate measurement

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