Monitoring Radioiodine

SmartMCA-Iodine Monitor

The SmartMCA-Iodine is an advanced system for monitoring airborne concentration of radioiodine in the workplace and other areas of interest (stacks, cells and glove boxes).

The monitor is available in isotopic specific configurations including I-124, I-125, I-129 and I-131, and offers real time measurement of both molecular and organic forms of iodine.

In addition, the system is available in a skid, enclosure or cart mounted configuration.

The sensor element of the Iodine Monitor is a patented detector called the CGADC (Continuous Gas Analysis and Detection Chamber). The CGADC combines a sensitive scintillation detector with a stainless steel measurement chamber housing a radioiodine filtration cartridge. The CGADC is packaged as an integrated device, with shielding, pump, flow sensor and CMS processor, and is available in either a fixed or transportable configuration

Key points of performance include

  • Filtration mechanism captures all forms of radioiodine
  • Achieves low MDL’s through unique detector design with Bremsstrahlung shield.
  • Automatic background compensation using a multichannel analyzer
  • Temperature spectrum stabilization reduces inaccurate measurement due to spectrum drift.
  • The  analysis algorithm provides a low stable measurement at background, but ensures a fast response to rising concentration levels

Technical Specifications

General Arrangement Drawing for the Skid

General Arrangement Drawing for the Transportable Unit

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