Ultra Energy Replaces Obsolete Pressure Transmitters


Industry leader helps nuclear power utilities solve major equipment obsolescence issues.

Austin, Texas – Ultra Energy announces that it is taking orders for its new DTC3™ Pressure Transmitter product line for use in non-safety nuclear power applications.

The differential pressure and absolute and gauge pressure transmitter sensors provide precision pressure measurements in non-safety nuclear applications that require reliable performance and functional safety. The DTC3™ transmitter has been designed to replace the Rosemount™ 1151 Analog Pressure Transmitter. Ultra will officially be taking orders for DTC3™ sensors from today.

Nuclear power plants conveyed to Ultra Energy their strong preference for analog transmitters over digital for better precision and reliability and as a result Ultra Energy created a solution based on their required needs.

Since 2011, there has been a large gap in the market for nuclear non-safety related analog pressure transmitters.

Enter Ultra’s DTC3™ Transmitter

Ultra’s DTC3 transmitter contains only analog electronics—no microprocessor or firmware/software—and utilizes a diaphragm isolated direct coupled strain gauge pressure sensor capsule. The DTC3  pressure transmitter replaces the Rosemount™ 1151 series performance and features and is easier than switching to smart transmitters.

Precise setability and reduced calibration steps when compared to previous models saves technician time in the field and on the bench. The DTC3™ ranges are a one-to-one match to Rosemount™ 1151, making ordering simple. These sensors can be mounted using the Rosemount™ 1151 Analog Pressure Transmitter mounting brackets without the need for special tools to make installation trouble-free. Ultra will also provide technical support to assist with obsolete transmitter replacements.

Although 10-50 mA loops are still in use, they’re not supported by most manufacturers and replacements have been inadequate. The DTC3transmitter 10-50 mA feature will be available for delivery in October 2020.

Ultra’s DTC3™ transmitter supports user requirements in a safe, reliable, and cost effective way.

  • Accuracy: ±0.2% Span (includes combined effects of linearity, hysteresis, + deadband, setability, and +repeatability)
  • Drift: ±0.15% of URL for 12 months
  • Advanced thin film metal strain gauge sensor technology
  • Industrial grade
  • Two compartment powder coated NEMA 4X (IP66) housing
  • Stainless steel flanges and sensor
  • Mild environment
  • EMC per NRC RG 1.180
  • Made in USA

Chief Technology Officer of Ultra Energy US, Mark McCray, “This exciting new product line for balance of plant and risk informed pressure and differential pressure measurement is a tremendous testament to Ultra’s commitment to solving equipment obsolescence problems to enable Utilities to deliver the nuclear promise.  When added to our existing offerings that are compliant to the stringent nuclear standards around the globe and our 40+ years of experience, Ultra continues to demonstrate our leadership and long term dedication to the design and manufacture of critical sensors and safety systems for the civil nuclear power market.”


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